How to buy a VPN service and not regret it later

June 25th, 2012

So, you finally realized your current internet connection is nowhere near being secure enough. Whatever the reason for that may be, whether keeping intruders out or staying anonymous, choosing a VPN service to subscribe to is a really important matter.

First things first, right? The primary question to ask is whether this or that VPN service is able to keep your online experience safe enough. Type of encryption is a factor to pay attention to, as well as the type of VPN connection you are about to buy. Go for more encrypted types, like 2048 bit encryption, and Open VPN/ PPTP. Also, pay attention to the number of VPN servers used. Starting from 1 up to 2 and more, the more VPN servers you can use, the more privacy you get.

If you buy a VPN subscription to use online services limited to certain countries outside of those countries, naturally, you should pay attention whether the VPN service you are choosing has a server in that location.

Another thing for future VPN service buyers to consider, whether this whole VPN thing is fast and easy enough to set up. You don’t want to be stuck going through the same settings over and over again trying to figure things out. A VPN connection utility comes in handy here. VPN services which offer it let you just run a tiny program and get connected straight away.

Happy and safe surfing!

Turnitin disadvantages as plagiarism checker

July 9th, 2011

Turnitin disadvantages as plagiarism checker
The idea of a software checking your essay like a robot for plagiarized sentences and then grading it for frequency of plagiarized phrases found within the research paper would drive any student insane. How do you think would you feel spending nights writing a good paper and it will be graded based on frequency of plagiarized sentences and not the quality of information? If you can think how unfair or fair this could be, you should tell what you think now.

Grading the paper
It has been found that some essays could get higher grades if they have been properly referenced or cited. Those papers with direct quotes and citation taken from one of the resources stored in the Turnitin database receive higher rating. In some instances where there are lengthy citations that needed human reading and evaluation, students would feel better rewarded if the instructor personally reads the paper than machine. Essays without much citations would mean no research performed. This would fetch lower rating. Facts that were vaguely created and sounds vague still fetch a grade because Turnitin still considers the paper as original.

Low quality paper
Instructors could easily determine quality essays from less quality ones. However, the plagiarism software of Turnitin would not be able to determine what facts were made up because its main concern is originality. Now this reason alone would disappoint a lot of students. It is not easy to perform research and get possibly lower scores with papers that were just made up facts. For sure, instructors using Turnitin for grading and plagiarism scan would have justifications about these instances.

Students’ rights
Students have been asking about university ethics and legality of using the services of Turnitin for grading their research papers. Sometime in the early months of the year 2000, there were two students who refused to submit their research papers for evaluation through Turnitin. The instructor did not give them any other option. The instructor failed the students. However, when they filed a complaint at the senate committee of the university, the senate committee favored them.

Offshore software development outsourcing

March 18th, 2011

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Offshore web development outsourcing

March 15th, 2011

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Know about SEO and then buy movies online

December 23rd, 2010

Here you will find some of the most wonderful and easy-to-read information that would help you to know about SEO better. On Web Analytics Day themes like: “What Search Engine Optimization is all about”, “Search Engines from the beginning”, “What Google is all about and how it works” and a lot of other themes were opened and discussed by professionals that work in SEO for many years and that know for sure what they are talking about. That’s why I recommend you to read these articles first of all and buy movies online to watch them and relax from this theme then!

Bing as BIG

August 1st, 2010

Bing is not just any other search engine, but it is one of the top competitors in the realms of SEO (Search engine optimization). This search engine is marked and beneath the umbrella of Microsoft, that’s of course under the mind set and knowledge of the famous Bill Gates, so this search engine should not be judged lowly. This was an evolution of the previous Microsoft search engines such as Windows Live Search, MSN Search and Live Search. It has also a child control that filters pornographic sites. Well, the results are just like any other search engines but it has a user friendly scheme which allows the researcher browse at ease.

Tight Rivalries

July 19th, 2010

Old school and traditional search engines nowadays tend to develop and build up the extra feature needs of a searcher specifically on the internet. Like Google and Wikipedia, they are being left behind by the new innovative search engines something like bing and yahoo. The usual grounds are that both Google and Wikipedia don’t have many side features as yahoo and bing. Sometimes, the ones who offer a wide range of search results are the ones who dominate the competition. After all, there is no greater search engine; the greatest search engine would depend upon the user or researcher.

Fierce and healthy competition

May 28th, 2010

A large number of search engines are coming into the forefront and the front runners like Google and Wikipedia are being left behind. New search engines like Bing, Yahoo and many others are turning out be better than their contemporaries and give out more informative web pages to their users. The search engines have developed a cut-throat competition and are in a run for their money.

Be specific to your search engine

May 5th, 2010

These days you don’t need a book or an encyclopedia to find out information on any topic. You have a number of search engines and web directories to help you. But to get the best results from these search engines you have to be very specific in typing your keywords and also be as precise as possible. Like you see that Google relates to each word typed that sometimes results in unwanted results.

Bing vs. Google

April 7th, 2010

Bing been the latest search engine has become a reason of worry for Google. In Google the engine searches for the text entered but in Bing it interprets into something sensible and then searches it. For example, if you type ‘Delhi to Agra’ then you’re searching for travel options but in Google it searches for literature that contains the three words.