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Bing as BIG

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Bing is not just any other search engine, but it is one of the top competitors in the realms of SEO (Search engine optimization). This search engine is marked and beneath the umbrella of Microsoft, that’s of course under the mind set and knowledge of the famous Bill Gates, so this search engine should not be judged lowly. This was an evolution of the previous Microsoft search engines such as Windows Live Search, MSN Search and Live Search. It has also a child control that filters pornographic sites. Well, the results are just like any other search engines but it has a user friendly scheme which allows the researcher browse at ease.

Tight Rivalries

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Old school and traditional search engines nowadays tend to develop and build up the extra feature needs of a searcher specifically on the internet. Like Google and Wikipedia, they are being left behind by the new innovative search engines something like bing and yahoo. The usual grounds are that both Google and Wikipedia don’t have many side features as yahoo and bing. Sometimes, the ones who offer a wide range of search results are the ones who dominate the competition. After all, there is no greater search engine; the greatest search engine would depend upon the user or researcher.