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Mail order brides

The phrase “mail order brides” can really leave a bad taste in your mouth. After all, a relationship between an American any other nationality is just considered an international relationship. However, Russian women with foreigners automatically become mail order brides. The term “mail order” actually originates with the first settlers in America. They would write women back in Europe asking for the ladies to become their wives. Keep in mind, marrying strangers during that time was common. Nowadays, the situation is reversed. Because there is such a higher percentage of Russian women than men, the females of Russia need to look elsewhere in order to find a husband. Unlike mail order brides from countries like the Philippines or in Latin America, Russian brides aren’t looking for a way out of a terrible socio-economic situation. These women are educated, come from good families, and hope to make a family while building a home life with their partner. It doesn’t hurt that women from Russia are also incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, the term mail order brides is here to stay, despite most people’s negative associations with it. However, you should look at the whole picture of international dating before you let these negative connotations affect your ideas.

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