How to buy a VPN service and not regret it later

So, you finally realized your current internet connection is nowhere near being secure enough. Whatever the reason for that may be, whether keeping intruders out or staying anonymous, choosing a VPN service to subscribe to is a really important matter.

First things first, right? The primary question to ask is whether this or that VPN service is able to keep your online experience safe enough. Type of encryption is a factor to pay attention to, as well as the type of VPN connection you are about to buy. Go for more encrypted types, like 2048 bit encryption, and Open VPN/ PPTP. Also, pay attention to the number of VPN servers used. Starting from 1 up to 2 and more, the more VPN servers you can use, the more privacy you get.

If you buy a VPN subscription to use online services limited to certain countries outside of those countries, naturally, you should pay attention whether the VPN service you are choosing has a server in that location.

Another thing for future VPN service buyers to consider, whether this whole VPN thing is fast and easy enough to set up. You don’t want to be stuck going through the same settings over and over again trying to figure things out. A VPN connection utility comes in handy here. VPN services which offer it let you just run a tiny program and get connected straight away.

Happy and safe surfing!

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